Waterproof Lamp With Good Performance

- Aug 30, 2017-

Lamp Belt as a very strong decorative lamp, in the living room can play a very good decorative effect.

The lamp belt is the LED lamp passes through the special craft welds in the copper wire or the Ribbon circuit board above, receives the power source luminescent one kind of lighting product. Led Strip Because the lamp belt shape is changeable, the color is diverse.

The lamp belt is refers to the LED lamp uses the special processing craft to weld in the copper wire or the Ribbon flexible circuit board above, then connects the power source to glow, because its luminous shape one kind of light band and the name.

Characteristic of the light band

1, soft, can curl like a wire;

2, can be cut and deferred;

3, the bulb and the circuit are fully covered in flexible plastic, insulation, waterproof performance, use safety;

4, Led Strip strong weather resistance, not easy to rupture, long service life;

5, easy to make graphics, text and other modelling.

What color does the light bring?

Light with the choice of color, should say everyone has a hobby, generally speaking, the ceiling is usually white and other light color, according to the use of the room, the living room is generally yellow-blue, yellow to warm natural feeling, especially the cold winter, more can be realized. Led Strip Blue can make your room a higher, more far-reaching, more connotation. If you want to celebrate, red is also a good choice. Other red and blue two-color lights, if equipped with a controller, the dynamic full, more can experience the modern romantic atmosphere. Led Strip The restaurant should be yellow. Study, children's room should choose yellow, color. A room is good with a hue.

The technique of quality identification in the light band

1. Look at the solder joints.

The normal lamp belt manufacturer produces the lamp belt is uses the SMT patch craft, uses the solder paste and the reflow soldering craft production. As a result, the spot on the lamp is smoother and the solder volume is not much, the solder joint is arc-shaped from the FPC pad to the LED electrode. Led Strip and cottage version of the lamp with the solder spot welding solder volume is uneven, more than a circle to cover the solder feet, at the same time there will be different degrees of tin-tip appearance, this is a typical manual welding phenomenon.

2, see the quality of FPC.

FPC is deposited copper and calendering copper two kinds, deposited copper foil is convex, looking at the words can be seen from the connection between the pad and FPC. Led Strip And the calendering of copper is closely and FPC connected as a whole, can be arbitrary bending without the phenomenon of solder disc shedding. If the bending of copper deposited too much will appear the solder plate fall off, Led Strip maintenance temperature too high will cause the pad to fall off.

3. Look at the cleanliness of the lamp belt surface.

If the use of SMT technology production of light, its surface cleanliness is very good, can not see any impurities and stains. However, Led Strip if the use of hand-welding technology production of cottage version of the lamp, the surface no matter how clean, will be residual stains and cleaning traces, at the same time on the FPC surface will have flux and dross residue.

4. Look at the package.

The normal lamp belt will use anti-static coil packaging, usually 5.1-meter rolls or 10.1-meter rolls, and then outside the use of anti-static moisture-proof packaging bag sealed. Led Strip And the Shanzhai version of the lamp belt will be because of cost savings, and the use of recycled coil, and then no anti-static moisture packaging bag, carefully look at the coil can see the appearance of the label to remove traces and scratches.

5, look at the label.

The normal light pack and reel will have printed labels, not printed labels. Led Strip And the Shanzhai version of the label is printed, while the specifications and parameters are not uniform.

6. See appendix.

The normal lamp belt will enclose the use instruction and the Lamp Belt specification book in the packing box, also will be equipped with the Lamp Belt connector or the card seat, but the Shanzhai version's lamp belt box does not have these attachments, because some factories still can save after all.

Light with the purchase and use of attention

1, the part of the lamp belt, has the lamp bead-the guide plate-the conductor-wraps the glue-resistance--The wire--accessories. In the purchase of attention to choose the formal big brand, so that the quality can be very good protection (lamp with the width of the guide plate to buy when to choose more than 6 mm, less than 6 mm of the guide plate because the width of the circuit board will cause a large amount of heat, Led Strip there is a serious safety hazard, so buy the time to pay attention to the width of the guide. )

2, the lamp belt cut time to pay attention to, is a special scissors mouth, the lamp belt is generally 1.1-meter loops, the whole meter place will have 1 centimeters of blank is specialized scissors mouth need to cut from the scissors mouth.

3, the lamp belt is the accessory, Led Strip accessories generally have cross-flow plug (is the transformer lamp belt must be used) line card (fixed lamp with plastic clips) Lusse (protect the lamp with the tail of plastic condoms) to buy the lamp when you want to ask the business Oh, otherwise the missing parts of the OH.

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