Vuereal And ASM Join Hands To Develop Micro LED Technology

- Feb 06, 2021-

Vuereal and ASM join hands to develop Micro LED technology 

According to foreign media reports on January 30, Canadian Micro LED technology developer VueReal announced a partnership with ASM Pacific (ASMPT). The two parties will integrate VueReal’s ink cartridge Micro LED transfer technology and ASMPT’s Micro LED mass transfer joining technology.


It is understood that VueReal's continuous pixelated micro-printing technology can provide displays with high pixel density, high yield and simple design. This technology is to place the Micro LED on the ink cartridge, and then print the Micro LED from the ink cartridge to the final substrate. 

In February 2020, MicroLED-info interviewed VueReal CEO Reza Chaji. Chaji revealed that VueReal’s micro printing technology is based on "cartridge design", which can selectively release LEDs onto the substrate, which is the real printing process.  

The advantage of this technical solution is that one tool can produce displays of different sizes and resolutions. It can also print different sizes (1 micron to 1000 microns) and different types of devices (flip chip, vertical chip, sensor, LED, etc.). 

In the full load mode, this technology can print more than 1 billion LEDs at a time, and fill a large glass substrate (over 4.5 generation) in less than 10 minutes. In addition to micro-printers and "cartridges", VueReal has also developed an inspection system to extract information about individual LEDs at the wafer and "cartridge" levels to eliminate defective LEDs and then transfer them to the display. Thereby improving the yield. 

In December 2020, VueReal announced that its proprietary inverted chip structure can achieve a high yield of over 99.9% and a lower cost compared to the standard vertical LED structure. For this cooperation, VueReal stated that it will help customers achieve 99.99+% yield in transferring LEDs with a size less than 10 microns. 

According to LEDinside, ASM Pacific has a fully automatic mass welding production line Ocean Line. Its proprietary mass transfer bonding technology simplifies the process, and the chip connected to the driver backplane does not need to go through a step of reflowing, which can more ensure the horizontal consistency of the chip, so that the RGB three colors can be accurately presented on the display. It can be seen that the unique Micro LED technology of VueReal and ASM Pacific will achieve a strong combination and complementary advantages, which will help promote continuous breakthroughs in the key transfer technology of Micro LED.

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