Unmanned Airborne LED Lights For The Night To Get Lost

- Jun 26, 2017-

Loading the light source on the UAV body is not only conducive to the safe operation of flying hands, but also help to enhance the scope of UAV can operate at night. Recently, UAV manufacturers Draganfly Innovations and SureFire LLC reached a cooperation, will combine UAV and optical lighting technology, to achieve UAV night search and rescue.


Draganfly said that the Draganfly Commander's four-axis UAV-equipped ASM multi-mount stabilization platform can be equipped with SureFire's dual-beam-enhanced LED lighting system, which will be mounted on camera PTZ systems for up to 2000 lumens of brightness. At present, the UAV has been carried out several times the flight exercise, the successful completion of the simulation night search and rescue mission.


It is reported that the current night search and rescue mainly through the UAV equipped with infrared detector to complete, but often can not do the rapid return of information on the scene, as well as the search and rescue object to accurately determine. And equipped with LED lighting system, the UAV can give search and rescue personnel as a "guide light", the operating staff found the search and rescue goals, as long as the UAV has been exposed to the region, for the ground rescue personnel to guide the target location can be , To a certain extent, enhance the rescue efficiency.


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