Tuya Smart Cooperates With NVC Lighting In Depth To Seize A Position To Lay Out A Smart Lighting Ecology

- Jan 03, 2021-

Tuya Smart cooperates with NVC Lighting in depth to seize a position to lay out a smart lighting ecology

On December 29, at the Global Hard Technology Developers Conference (Hangzhou), Tuya Smart, a global AI+IoT leader, and NVC Lighting, a leading lighting company in China, held an in-depth cooperation signing ceremony. The two parties announced that they will conduct in-depth cooperation in various market segments such as commercial lighting, and work together to promote the intelligent upgrade of the lighting market.

Tuya Smart founder and chairman Chen Liaohan, Tuya Smart Market and Strategic Cooperation Vice President and CMO Na Jingdan, Tuya Smart Commercial Lighting Division General Manager Liu Jiwu, and NVC Lighting CEO Lin Liangqi attended the in-depth cooperation signing ceremony .

At the signing ceremony, Tuya Smart stated that it will provide NVC Lighting with Tuya IoT development tools and other support to help it complete the smart upgrade of lighting products. At the same time, NVC Lighting will rely on the ecological support of Tuya Commercial Photo PaaS to create its own smart lighting system, complete the smart transformation of the entire industry chain from management, data to consumer port operations.

In addition, NVC Lighting will also access the Tuya Smart Ecosystem, interconnect with over 230,000 developers and 200,000 "Powered by Tuya" empowered products in the ecosystem, and share a complete industrial chain, market channels, and multiple vertical industries. And other advantages, get a broader cross-border landing opportunity.

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the revenue of enterprises above designated size in the lighting industry has reached 465 billion yuan in 2019. Data from CSA and China Business Industry Research Big Data show that 2019-2021 is still expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of more than 12%. Among them, one stock with strong growth momentum is smart lighting. According to data from the Foresight Industry Research Institute, the scale of China's smart lighting market in 2019 has increased by about 25% year-on-year, and will grow to over 43 billion yuan in 2022, with an annual growth rate of 23. %about.

Lin Liangqi said: “Smart lighting has been on the market, but terminal market operation chaos and narrow application scenarios have restricted the industry from entering a healthy development track faster. Based on this, we have reached in-depth cooperation with Tuya Smart and opened up with Tuya Smart AIoT. Ecological, creating smart lighting solutions with both hardware empowerment and ecological radiation capabilities to gain market opportunities. The empowerment of Tuya's intelligence allows us to better create a healthy light environment experience for our customers."

NVC Lighting was founded in 1998 and has been committed to providing users with high-quality lighting application solutions. It is one of the brands with the widest coverage in the lighting industry. In 2020, the brand value of NVC lighting reached 37.956 billion yuan, occupying the forefront of China's lighting industry for nine consecutive years. NVC Lighting has provided professional lighting products and solutions for famous projects such as the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo, South Africa World Cup, London Olympics, Rio Olympics, Beijing Daxing International Airport, etc.

"The cooperation with NVC Lighting in the field of smart lighting will not only be applied to the lighting industry. In the future, both of us will create greater cooperation space. We will use our successful experience in the field of smart lighting as a springboard to solve this wisdom The plan is applied to more vertical industries across borders." Chen Liaohan said.

The in-depth cooperation between Tuya Smart and NVC Lighting will enable both parties to occupy a greater position in the smart lighting market. NVC Lighting's industry status and market capabilities in lighting, combined with the complete AIoT ecosystem, will accelerate smart lighting into the mainstream market faster and expand more imaginative commercial space. 
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