The Rapid Expansion Of China's LED Industry

- Feb 28, 2021-

With the rapid economic growth and the vigorous promotion of energy-saving policies, China has become the energy-saving lighting market with the most growth potential in the world. It is expected that the market model will enter a period of rapid growth in the next few years. The huge market model not only attracts international leading lighting manufacturers, but also arouses Chinese regional lighting manufacturers to take advantage of the trend to rise, especially in the high-profile LED lighting field. With the promotion of local governments and the investment of large enterprises, A highly competitive situation of collectivization and regionalization has been formed.

First, explain the current situation and prospects of the LED lighting market in Mainland China, then analyze the competition situation of the LED lighting market in Mainland China, and finally analyze the layout and opportunities of the Taiwanese and Japanese LED lighting manufacturers in Mainland China to describe the LED lighting in Mainland China. Lighting industry and market development images.

Since 2003, China has begun to promote the development of the LED lighting industry. It has proposed the "National Semiconductor Lighting Project Plan" and the "Semiconductor Lighting Industrialization Technology Development" special plan for the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, assisting in the improvement of industrial scale and technical standards, and planning for "Ten Cities" Wanzhan" and the establishment of a "semiconductor lighting base" to promote regional LED lighting applications.

The rapid expansion of China’s LED industry and market under the government’s key support has not only greatly increased the overall output value, but also drove manufacturers to actively expand the upstream and downstream layout of the industry chain, prompting China to become not only the world’s major LED outdoor lighting market, but also the world’s major production of LED components. One of the country. China's LED industry is growing strongly

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