The Market For LED Transparent Screens Is In Strong Demand And The Development Prospects Can Be Expected

- Apr 07, 2021-

As the overall technology of the LED display industry chain matures and prices drop, along with concepts such as mobile internet, 5G and "new retail", the huge imagination space that LED transparent screens have long-held in the media industry is gradually becoming a reality.

The LED transparent screen has the characteristics of transparency, lightness and thinness, and is currently a good display product that matches the glass window display. Through the cool video display on the transparent LED screen, it greatly attracts the attention of the traffic, enhances the attention of the store, enhances the image of the brand, and promotes the sales of the merchants. Therefore, LED transparent screens have received widespread attention and acclaim in the market. Nowadays, whether it is a commercial complex, a shopping mall, a 4S shop, or a shop window, SLR is a place where there is glass, and it is a market where transparent LED displays exist. Such as building lighting projects, the glass screens required in the future may be replaced with Maipu brilliant LED transparent displays, and the number of such projects is still increasing, and the market scale is gradually expanding.

1. Market demand

With the continuous development and progress of LED display technology, people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor advertising media, and traditional advertising light boxes, posters and other media can no longer meet people's new advertising development and needs, so outdoor high-definition LED displays Screens stand out and quickly become a new trend in the development of new media. Under the background of such a big environment, transparent LED display screens have begun to gradually occupy the demand of the market, especially in the application field of glass curtain wall occupying an increasingly important position.

At the same time, in urban planning and construction, glass window engineering buildings are more popular, which promotes the emergence of indoor transparent LED displays. Cooperating with the transparent LED screen, the display of the excellent glass window engineering architecture makes the engineering architecture fashionable, colorful, modern and technological, giving people a unique expressive power.

2. Product advantages

At present, whether it is LED display products in traditional fields or products in emerging segments, LED displays are developing in the direction of lightness and thinness. From the outdoor fixed installation to the indoor large-screen display field, the trend of "transparency" is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, in the superimposed use of precision advertising push, human-screen interaction, VR and other technologies, the application range of transparent LED displays is still being further expanded.

The LED transparent screen has entered the public's sight with a new and upgraded installation method-indoor installation and outdoor video watching. The extremely new applied methods, the development trend of video technology and the design concept that is close to the needs of the mass market have promoted its rapid development in a short period of time, and a new investment hot spot has begun to take shape.

1. The permeability can be higher than 65%-95%, and the light transmittance and air permeability will not affect the original lighting and vision of the engineering building, especially the design and aesthetics of the exterior of the engineering building.

2. Simplify the cabinet design, reduce the width of the cabinet keel and the number of fixed poles supported by the LED light bar; light and thin, no need to install additional steel structure, directly attached to the original keel of the curtain wall for installation, saving space and installation costs;

3. Indoor installation and outdoor video viewing are more secure and convenient for system maintenance. For some special projects or special regions, it can reduce users' filing applications and even save the application process, reducing the specific implementation time and cost budget of the project ;

4. Lightweight, it is often used in tacit cooperation with curtain wall glass and tempered glass window advertisements. It does not need to add other additional frames. At the same time, it relies on the installation of the inherent frame, which is more secure and reduces costs;

5. The size of the cabinet can be customized according to the installation environment of the project, so that the cabinet keel and the glass keel on the project installation site are completely integrated, and the area of the transparent shielding area is reduced. The maximum value level reduces the cost budget of customers. Most of the transparent LED screens are used for curtain wall glass and window display. The installation indoor environment is more complicated. New products can mainly be customized to assist the structural characteristics of the glass curtain wall. LED displays are commonly used. The screens are mainly standardized products, and the cost of customized production is extremely high, and the difficulty is also huge;

5. The screen structure and shape customization (arc, cylinder, elliptical column, cone, etc.) can be creative and customized by the designer according to the needs of the project;

6. The design concept is fashionable and beautiful, full of sense of technology and technological atmosphere, which is very suitable for the "media engineering and construction" industry. Its future development complies with this emerging market trend and successfully opened up this new form of media advertising and communication media.

7. Indoor installation, outdoor viewing: easy to maintain and safe, reducing a lot of approval procedures, even without approval;

3. Market size

The application scenarios of transparent LED display screens have been extended to large-scale glass window engineering buildings and commercial glass windows. The sales market is larger and it has become a new hot spot in the development of new media. This kind of new transparent LED display technology application has the advantages of 70-85% transparency and 1.0mm PCB thickness. The product can be easily installed behind the glass window. The panel specifications can be customized, and it is not easy to affect the indoor lighting rate. It is conducive to installation and maintenance.

The sales market of transparent LED display The new transparent LED display has opened up a new application scenario and has a great market prospect. For the engineering construction media industry, it is a new outdoor media resource to adapt to new market trends. Transparent LED displays are covered by glass windows in urban buildings, airports, automobile exhibition halls, hotels, financial institutions, franchise stores, etc., and have excellent advertising market value.

Since 2015, some large-scale transparent LED display manufacturers have not only created many brilliant and outstanding large-scale case projects, but have also continued to innovate in product performance and form, and are at the forefront of creative displays. In 2018, transparent LED displays continued to explode, with huge market potential.

2017 can be said to be the year when transparent led display screens first showed their brilliance. Outdoors, due to the influence of national policies such as "light pollution" and "city rectification", transparent led display products rose rapidly. In order to help build the image of the new city, more and more LED transparent display products appear in every corner of the new city, commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4S shops, showcases and other places with glass, and indoor transparent screens are not to be lonely. With the stable and mature technology and application, high-end commercial display, high-tech fields, and even digital stage beauty are all markets where LED transparent screens exist.

Related forecasts indicate that by 2025, the market output value of transparent display is about 87.2 billion U.S. dollars. As an important part of the field of transparent display, the market prospect of LED transparent screen is very impressive, which has attracted people's attention.

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