The Lights Make The Space Bright

- Jun 07, 2017-

Now many designers in the interior design process, naturally in the use of space in the light, it appears to increase the level of the indoor environment, rich light environment.

In a simple style design, Led Strip the lamp can make the interior space more stylish.

Light belt is not just a beautiful role, but also to increase the space of auxiliary lighting, so that the space becomes more bright.

In the cabinet inside the increase of light, Led Strip played the role of finishing touch.

With a combination of light with the shelf, both functional and have a good lighting effect.

A staircase under the armrest of the lights, to solve the staircase between the lighting problems.

Most of the designers often use the light belt is used to increase the indirect lighting, eliminate shadows, reduce glare, rich space level, regardless of how the modern design changes, or quasi-light from the master of Kelly's light principle.

The highest level of lighting design is - not only make clumsy walls, Led Strip looks elegant and light, but also highlights the sense of space level. In these magical "make-up", the lamp design by many designers love.

Lamp design is so favored by the designer, is not for no reason Today, Led Strip Xiao Bian Ella to bring you seriously Pa a Pa this "magic make-up".

Seriously speaking up, the walls of the four lighting methods - wall washing, polish, Led Strip local focus on lighting, LED self-luminous technology, they are designed with the lights are "very light."

Light can be described as "concave" shape of the master!

Highlight the key, novel and unique is the pursuit of individuality designers continue to pursue the goal. Most of the designers will not just be satisfied with the wall, polished, Led Strip especially in the room, and now the wall is light play enough flower head and gimmicks, local fancy lighting people overwhelmed.

Light belt is not easy to rupture, long life; easy to produce graphics, text and other shapes.

Light can be as soft as the wire curl, able to arbitrarily cut and extension. Driving the dark, illuminating a space, a wall, no longer need a bunch of lamps to achieve. Light with a unique fit and hidden, Led Strip so that people like to live a simple life is not surprising.

Light wall is generally suitable for use in a more smooth, uniform material on the wall, and do not want to deliberately create a shadow of the wall effect. Of course, if you want a shadow, the light belt is also able to meet you.

Want to make your space even bright and beautiful up, then use a Variety light to illuminate a wall it

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