The Chip Workshop Of Hunan San'an Semiconductor Project Is Topped

- Jan 24, 2021-

Full production is expected in June! The chip workshop of Hunan San'an Semiconductor Project is topped

On the 19th, the largest single M2B chip plant of the Hunan San'an Semiconductor Project was topped out. It marks the completion of the main part of the I bid section of the Hunan San’an Third Generation Semiconductor Industrial Park Project (Phase I), and it is expected to be fully put into operation in June this year.

It is reported that the plant covers an area of 23,200 square meters, a building area of 52,300 square meters, and a large steel roof area of 16,500 square meters.

Prior to this, the Hunan Sanan Semiconductor Project (Phase I) bid section I has successively completed the M3 device packaging plant, M4 silicon carbide growth plant and the main structure of the sputtering plant.

It is understood that the Hunan San’an Semiconductor Project covers an area of 1,000 acres and has a total investment of 16 billion yuan. The project is constructed in two phases, mainly including substrates (silicon carbide), epitaxy, chip and packaging industry production bases with independent intellectual property rights. 

After the project is completed and put into production, it will form an industrial scale of over 10 billion yuan, and drive the output value of upstream and downstream supporting industries to exceed 100 billion yuan.

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