T8 LED Tube Is Recognized As A Generation Of Environmental Protection High-tech Products

- Sep 11, 2017-

This solid-state light source is a kind of n-type semiconductor which can be electrically conductive, and is formed by the valence of the base of silicon with phosphorus, germanium or other rare atoms. This synthesis is called grain. When both ends of the n junction are positive to the voltage, T8 LED Tube the light occurs from the junction point. Different data and plans take place with different colors of light and intensity. Now the brightness of the T8 led lamp satisfies the substitution incandescent lamp to use in the illumination.

What are the advantages of T8 LED tube

Energy-saving: T8 LED lamp tube power consumption is very low, it consumes less than 0.1W. T8 LED lamps have high luminous power. Because of its natural characteristics of strong directivity, T8 LED lamps have higher energy efficiency than other light sources in lighting use.

The fluorescent lamp and bulb-shaped incandescent lamps are all to the light, and the lights are lost in the lamp, absorbed by the lamp, or from the luminaire to the non policy area. Many lamps, T8 LED Tube including the embedded lamp, grille light plate and bracket, the condition of the loss of $number is not uncommon. T8 LED tube because it is direct light, do not need reflector and diffuser, good planning T8 LED lamp lamps and systems can be more useful to pass the light to the policy area.


T8 LED tube is made of non-toxic data. It announced that the heat is very small, not like the incandescent that waste too much heat, T8 LED Tube not like fluorescent lamps because of the consumption of high energy and toxic gas, nor like a neon lamp to request high voltage and simple damage, has been recognized as a generation of environmentally friendly high-tech goods.

Consolidate durability

The T8 LED tube is completely encapsulated inside the epoxy resin, which is stronger than the bulbs and fluorescent tubes. T8 LED Tube The lamp body also did not loosen some, these characteristics make T8 LED lamp can say is not easy to damage.

Small size/widely used

T8 LED lamp is basically a small chip is encapsulated in the epoxy inside, so it is very small, very light. Can be used in the construction of the appearance of luminous body; buildings, highways, bridges, landmarks, symbolizing the construction of luminous sources; T8 LED Tube advertising stereo word, logo, indicating light source, commercial space, airport, construction engineering, Subway, hospital, hotel, shopping malls, squares, pub planning lights; Communication, signal transmission and other use of light source.

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