T8 LED Lamp Light Transmission Rate Higher

- Sep 20, 2017-

T8 LED tube According to the number of Watts to set the number of beads, generally a lamp bead is 0.5w, according to the number of Watts calculate how many lights beads.

Also known as T8 T8 LED lamp, is a common LED lighting lamps. Its shape is tubular, long, with a diameter of eight one-eighth inches, that is an inch, about a. 4mm, similar to the ordinary fluorescent tube, T8 LED Tube except that it is used on the back of aluminum alloy cooling, the front of the PC cover instead of the glass cover.

The use of low voltage DC power supply, not directly connected to the mains, so it needs to take a power supply to step-down rectifier, then to connect the mains. LED T8 Lamp Using the latest fourth generation light source, energy-saving and environmental protection, T8 LED Tube is the future direction of development lighting.

T8 LED Tube Features

1, the use of intelligent IC, constant-current isolation drive, to ensure the safety of the circuit, to the home lighting a layer of protection;

2, light body structure simple and practical, easy installation, maintenance and convenience;

3, the mask adopts a new glass lampshade, perfect radian, T8 LED Tube exquisite material selection, higher transmittance;

4, card seat, the use of electro-plating technology, high purity metal, good conductivity;

5, the use of flame-retardant materials, safe and durable;

T8 LED Tube Advantages

1. Green Environmental Protection

T8 LED tube does not use mercury, and there is no lead, the traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor, and LED light source energy-efficient, low working temperature, less energy consumption;

2. Health and safety

T8 LED tube is a cold light source, T8 LED Tube not like the traditional lamps emit a lot of heat, relative to the use of security, and light source without stroboscopic,

High brightness, no harm to the eyes;

3. Durable and durable

T8 LED lamp tube life is very long, it consumes less than the traditional fluorescent lamp one-third, but the brightness is consistent with the traditional fluorescent lamp;

4. Quiet and comfortable

T8 LED tube is a very quiet energy-saving lamp, not like the traditional fluorescent lamp to produce noise, T8 LED Tube very suitable for the need for quiet environment.

T8 LED lamp is suitable for the office, study Classroom, factory workshop, plant and so on the need for high brightness lighting occasions.

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