Signify UVC Air Disinfection System Adopted By DM Supermarket In Slovakia

- Apr 02, 2021-

Signify UVC air disinfection system adopted by DM supermarket in Slovakia

Signify announced on the 30th that it has installed 280 sets of Philips upper air UVC ultraviolet air disinfection systems in 40 DM stores in Slovakia to provide additional security for its customers and employees.

Philips upper air UVC ultraviolet air disinfection system with specially designed shading louvers and reflector upper air disinfection system is installed at a high place. The upper air in the supermarket is continuously disinfected by UVC ultraviolet rays, and then transported to various places in the room through natural convection, which can avoid The human body is exposed to UVC ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, the system can be used without affecting the operating activities of the supermarket.

In this pilot phase, stores in Bratislava and surrounding areas will first install UVC ultraviolet disinfection products, and other stores will follow up. In the next stage, DM Supermarket plans to apply the Philips upper air UVC ultraviolet air disinfection system to the supply chain to create a safe warehouse environment and protect the health of employees.

According to reports, UVC ultraviolet rays are an effective disinfection method that can disinfect air, water and surfaces to prevent the spread of diseases. UVC ultraviolet rays can damage the DNA or RNA of microorganisms including viruses and bacteria, making them harmless. In laboratory tests, Signify’s UVC ultraviolet light source can inactivate the new coronavirus on the surface of the object to below the detection limit in just 9 seconds.

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