Signify's Tupelo, USA Plant Will Stop Production, Involving Indoor Professional Lighting Products

- Jan 23, 2021-

Signify's Tupelo, USA plant will stop production, involving indoor professional lighting products

According to foreign media reports, in response to the current market dynamics in the lighting industry, Signify will suspend production at its plant in Tupelo, Mississippi, USA. 

Before the end of the third quarter of this year, the production of DayBrite and Chloride indoor professional lighting solutions at the Tupelo City plant will gradually be transferred to the San Marcos, Texas plant and Monterrey, Mexico. )factory. 

This transfer also includes the research and development of some indoor lighting, and sales, marketing, IT teams and key research and development work will continue to be carried out in Tupelo. 

Signify said that under the background of the continuous transformation of the lighting industry, this change is necessary to help Signify achieve synergy between the production base and the development of new products, improve efficiency, and better serve customers. In addition to this production adjustment, Signify has also undergone some changes in other aspects recently, including personnel changes and price adjustments. 

A few days ago, Signify announced that David Grinstead, the head of the Canadian market, will retire at the end of this month and will be replaced by Martin Stephenson. Martin also serves as the head of Signify’s North American Systems & Services business (North American Systems & Services). 

According to reports, Martin joined Signify in 2019 and has extensive experience in business development, strategy and sustainable development. In addition, in response to cost pressures, insufficient supply chain capacity and labor shortages caused by the epidemic, Signify decided to increase the prices of some products. In the US market, the prices of traditional lighting products rose by an average of 5%; the prices of lamps, ballasts and EvoKits products rose by an average of 6%; and the prices of LED lights and electronic products rose by an average of 3%. The price increase will be implemented from February 15. 

In the Taiwan market, Taiwan Signify also announced a price increase notice, with an increase of 3-10%, effective from February 1. The price-adjusted products include Philips special/traditional/LED light source products, Philips LED components, lamps and other products.

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