Signify's Lamp Prices Will Increase By 3%-6% From February 15

- Jan 05, 2021-

Signify's lamp prices will increase by 3%-6%

According to reports, due to factors such as short supply of products, five American lighting companies, Cooper Lighting, Valmont, Lutron, MaxLite, and TCP, have successively announced plans to increase product prices, with prices rising by up to 10%.

As per foreign media reports on December 30, Signify will also increase product prices in the US market, which will take effect on February 15 this year.

Signify will increase the price of its professional lighting product portfolio. Among them, the price of traditional lighting products rose by an average of 5%; the prices of lamps, ballasts and EvoKits products rose by an average of 6%; LED lights and electronic products rose by an average of 3%.

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