Power Plant Lighting, Current Has Reached A Distribution Agreement With North American Distributors

- Feb 18, 2021-

According to foreign media reports, due to high hopes for the cannabis market, US lighting company Current has reached a distribution agreement with Hort Americas to sell Current’s latest LED grow lights.

Current launched the Arize Element Top Light in Amsterdam last month, calling it "the industry's first one-to-one replacement of 1000W high-pressure sodium (HPS) LEDs."

Current pointed out in a press release that Hort Americas is the exclusive North American distributor of Current horticultural products, which will be distributed to North American customers, "including the booming and regulated cannabis cultivation industry."

Hort Americas stated on its website, “Research results show that HPS lamps produce higher stem dry weight compared to LED lamps.” “However, HPS lamps cause a significant decrease in the THC concentration in flowers. Under LED light treatment, Plants are shorter and more compact, but have higher CBD and THC content."

As Current and Hort pointed out, research firm New Frontier Data estimates that the total electricity demand for legal cannabis cultivation in the United States will increase by 162% between 2017 and 2022. LEDs are energy efficient and will reduce the increase.

Current and Hort Americas noted that the new Arize Element Top Light "marks the first time Hort Americas and Current will begin distributing lighting solutions for the cannabis market."

It is reported that Hort Americas also sells grow lights from other suppliers, such as Osram's Phytofy system.

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