OPPLE Lighting Joins Hands With Huawei To Push New Products

- Jan 01, 2021-

OPPLE lighting joins hands with Huawei to push new products

Recently, OPPLE lighting official news showed that at the HUAWEI HiLink Eco Partner Award Ceremony, OPPLE Lighting was invited to attend the exclusive partner of Huawei Smart Selection in the lighting field. The two parties have once again strategically joined hands with Huawei Smart Selection on the basis of previous cooperation. For the whole home system, the two parties cooperated to develop the Bluetooth-based HUAWEI HiLink smart home system to promote the online and offline promotion of smart homes and the cooperation upgrade of omni-channel retail.

At present, a variety of OPPLE lighting smart home products have entered Huawei's Smart Selection Mall, and through Huawei offline experience stores and third-party integration channels, to bring consumers more colorful smart home options.

It is worth mentioning that on December 28th, OPPLE Lighting cooperated with HUAWEI HiLink to launch the new product of Huawei Smart Selection Eco-Huawei Smart Selection Op Smart Ceiling Light, which provides human-oriented comfortable light source, creates multiple scene modes and control methods, and realizes intelligence. Scene linkage allows people to enjoy a healthy, comfortable and comfortable smart home life.

As OPPLE lighting's smart home solutions become more and more complete, from the initial intelligent control of a single lamp to the new scene-based form, it will bring a more humane intelligent lighting experience. Such changes will further promote the in-depth cooperation between OPPLE Lighting and HUAWEI HiLink, upgrade from single product sales to full home systems, and continue to expand to omni-channels, further helping to accelerate the implementation of smart homes.
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