New LED Floodlights Are Coming

- Dec 31, 2020-

New LED floodlights are coming

News on December 28, 2020, durable, lightweight and powerful floodlights use cutting-edge technology, which is a major innovation for movable lighting in hazardous areas. The lamp can be oriented to reach the target output of 5,600lm, and has a sturdy, easy-to-maintain design. It also weighs only 9kg, which means it is easy to move. 

Ken Eddleston, a senior lighting product expert at Chalmit, explained: "We hope to bring durable and powerful lighting equipment into the hazardous industry market, and achieve this through Luna LED floodlights. This goal. Its IP66 and IP67 protection levels mean that it is dustproof and can prevent strong water spray and immersion. It has passed ATEX and IECEx certification and can be used in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22, making it It is suitable for fuel tanks, oil refineries, chemical plants and offshore platforms and many other hazardous locations." 

The marine-grade aluminum structure of the lamp has been tested by IK10 collision avoidance test, it is sturdy and durable, and works at extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to +59.5°C. The lamp is also dustproof, waterproof and low power consumption. 

Various cable lengths and plugs can be purchased with lights to facilitate movement and adapt to various voltages. It provides a beam angle of 50o to achieve targeted wide-area lighting. In addition, multiple light sources can be linked together to illuminate a larger area. 

Ken concluded: "Luna will keep glowing when you need it most, so that workers in hazardous environments are safe and everyone can work accurately and accurately." Upon request, Luna LED temporary floodlights can provide 24 or 48 LEDs. The 48 LED variants have independent LED engines to ensure ultimate field reliability-if one LED board is dropped, the other will continue to illuminate the area.

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