Mulinsen: General Lighting National Sales Target To Increase By 40% In 2021

- Mar 25, 2021-

Mulinsen: General lighting national sales target to increase by 40% in 2021

Since March 5, Mulinsen has successively held the 2021 spring new product promotion conference of Mulinsen General Lighting in Changsha, Hunan, Zhengzhou, Henan, Linyi, Shandong and Hefei, Anhui, focusing on the release of 8 major series of products, and announced the strategic goals of the general lighting national market.

At this promotion meeting, Mulinsen focused on launching 8 series of products, among which guest bedroom lights, chandeliers, fan lights and emergency lighting became the focus of dealers. For lighting and electrical engineering, Mulinsen launched Senjue series of ultra-thin glass panels this year, which is also a major new product.

In 2020, Mulinsen will be divided into two independent companies, general lighting and professional lighting, through channel segmentation. According to reports, general lighting is based on large circulation, which will not only have no impact on the existing circulation business sector, but will focus more on professional and intensive cultivation channels.

In addition, in order to refine, strengthen, and expand the general lighting business through refinement, Mulinsen has also divided multiple channels such as distribution, home furnishing, commercial lighting, and industry, and established independent departments for light strips, switches, and solar energy.

In January of this year, Mulinsen changed its main business from LED packaging to lighting brand and lighting channel business. Obviously, in the general lighting development strategy, Mulinsen will continue to lay out channel network construction while building its brand.

At this promotion meeting, Mulinsen proposed the "Five-Six-Three" project for channel construction in 2021, emphasizing that in the future, general lighting will always adhere to the brand and channel as the center, and make Mulinsen general lighting a benchmark brand in the field of hardware circulation.

In the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan of the country and the year when China's lighting industry started to rebound, Mulinsen's general lighting goal in 2021 is to increase the national sales target by 40%, the national outlet target by 40%, and the national special area target by 110%. In the path of market growth, it is necessary to build "Project 563" to achieve 50,000 outlets, 6,000 specialty stores and 3,000 VIP stores.

In terms of electricians, in 2020, Mulinsen Electric will increase by 2.8 times compared with 2019, and the goal for 2021 is to achieve a growth of two to three times.

In 2021, Mulinsen plans to open up the last mile by activating storefronts, driving sales, and realizing MLS electrical sales channels; at the same time, it will realize direct access to consumers through joint county and town terminal stores, hydropower conferences, cross-industry alliances and invisible channels. In addition, the promotion activities in 2021 will focus on material promotion, and the company, operation center, and core business will work together to promote the expansion of terminal vendors and the promotion of sales.

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