MIT Has Created A Miniature LED That Can Be Directly Integrated Into The Chip

- Jan 27, 2021-

MIT has created a miniature LED that can be directly integrated into the chip 


One of the challenges facing LED production is that it is difficult to manufacture them with silicon, which means that the sensor must be manufactured separately from the device in which it is embedded. With a breakthrough in the MIT Electronics Research Laboratory, this situation may change. In the laboratory, researchers can make a silicon chip that fully integrates LEDs. 

The brightness of these LEDs is sufficient to implement the most advanced sensor and communication technology. MIT’s discoveries can bring simplified manufacturing and improved performance to nanoscale electronic products. Normally, silicon makes the light source less effective. To solve this problem, electrical engineers usually use other materials to make LEDs. The focus of silicon-based LED researchers to solve the problem is the specially designed junction, which is the contact between the different areas of the diode to improve brightness. This technology improves efficiency and enables LEDs to work at low voltages while generating enough light to transmit signals through a 5-meter fiber optic cable. 

As a result, the fab can produce other silicon microelectronic components, such as transistors and photon detectors, while producing LEDs. Although the new integrated LED does not surpass the traditional III-V semiconductors used in LED manufacturing, it can easily defeat previous attempts at silicon-based LEDs. Researchers see that one day LED technology can be built directly on silicon processors without a separate manufacturing process.

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