MiniLED Accelerates Commercialization, HC Semitek Will Not Stop Production This Spring Festival

- Jan 16, 2021-

MiniLED accelerates commercialization, HC Semitek will not stop production this Spring Festival

MiniLED accelerates commercialization, HC Semitek will not stop production this Spring Festival The Shanghai Securities News reported that after two years of silence, the LED industry ushered in a recovery. The relevant person of LED chip manufacturer HC Semitek recently stated that the company has issued a notice that production will not stop during the Spring Festival this year, and several downstream market segments are very good. 

A relevant person in charge of a LED manufacturer in mainland China believes that the current market demand for MiniLED is strong, and the company’s related production lines are fully loaded, and there should be a good revenue contribution in the first quarter of this year. If downstream applications can further increase, it is expected to be available in the second and third quarters. Usher in the peak of shipments; on the whole, the explosion of the industry may still take time, but there is no suspense for a steady climb. 


It is understood that, driven by the major terminal giants, the commercialization of MiniLED products is rapidly being implemented. As the global leader in color TV industry, Samsung is determined to win the MiniLED market. According to public information, Samsung has invested 40 billion won to build more than 50 MiniLED production lines in Vietnam, and announced a target sales volume of 2 million units this year. Not to be outdone, TCL launched a new MiniLED display technology during CES 2021 and applied it to new consumer electronic products. 

Before Samsung and TCL, many terminal brand manufacturers have launched new products equipped with MiniLED panels, including the world’s first MiniLED notebook MSI Creator17 in July last year; in September of the same year, Xiaomi released an 82-inch MiniLED TV, using 15,360 MiniLEDs. The lamp beads glow; LG also announced its first MiniLED screen TV, which claims to use more than 30,000 LED chips. 

The industry is also waiting for Apple's heavy announcement. Tianfeng International Securities analyst Guo Mingchi recently stated that Apple will transition to MiniLED technology from this year. Guo Mingchi believes that Apple will release a new iPad Pro model and a redesigned MacBook Pro this year, and a new MacBook Air in 2022, or all use MiniLED displays and Apple Silicon chips.

Supply chain news is more positive. The LED chip company Jingdian has recently actively adjusted its product structure. This year, more than 80% of its production lines will be used to produce MiniLED chips, mainly to meet Apple's MiniLED product orders. 

The new Neo QLED, MiniLED chip of Samsung Electronics' new TV product released this time is exclusively provided by Sanan Optoelectronics. HC Semitek is another strong competitor in the field of LED chips. MiniLED products have been recognized by international mainstream terminal display customers. Last year, it helped Innolux to launch the world's first rollable MiniLED display screen and provide innovative and mass-produced products for other international manufacturers. MiniLED chip solution. 

In addition, Zhaochi shares revealed that MiniLED packaging products for backlighting and direct display are currently in mass production, and cooperate with well-known brand manufacturers, and will further promote MiniLED related products in the future. In December last year, Skyworth LCD, a subsidiary of Skyworth Digital, officially released MiniLED products and started mass production, which will be officially supplied to major international TV manufacturers in January this year. 

Although companies are confident in their future development, some people in the industry warn that they need to be calm. Zeng Lighting, vice president of Jinko Electronics, said that MiniLED backlights currently have high cost, process and equipment challenges to achieve large-scale applications. It requires the joint efforts of the whole industry to usher in explosive growth.

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