Light With Strong Weather Resistance

- Oct 26, 2017-

Light is the LED lights through a special process welding in the copper or ribbon circuit board above, connected to the power of a light lighting products.

Light is the LED lamp with a special processing technology welded to the copper or ribbon flexible circuit board above, Led Strip and then connected to the power supply, because of its shape when the light like a light band named.

Light belt features

1, soft, like a wire like curl;

2, able to cut and extension;

3, the bulb and the circuit is completely covered in the flexible plastic, insulation, waterproof performance, the use of security;

4, strong weather resistance, easy to break, long service life;

5, easy to make graphics, text and other shapes.

Light the choice of color, it should be said that everyone has their own hobbies, generally said that the ceiling is usually white and other light colors, according to the use of the room, Led Strip the living room is generally the majority of yellow light blue, yellow warm and natural feeling, especially Cold winter, better able to experience to. Blue can make your room higher, more far-reaching, more content. If you want to celebrate the point, red is also a good choice. Other red and blue color lights, if coupled with the controller, was dynamic, Led Strip more able to experience the modern romantic atmosphere. Restaurant should use yellow is appropriate. Study, children's room should use yellow, color. A room in a hue as well

Lamps are available for purchase and use

1, the lamp with the components, a lamp beads - guide plate - wire - plastic - resistance - wire - accessories. In the purchase of attention to choose a regular big brand, so that the quality can be a very good protection (light guide with the width of the board when you choose to choose more than 6 mm, less than 6 mm guide plate due to insufficient board width will lead to light Produce a lot of heat, Led Strip there are serious security risks, so when the purchase should pay attention to the width of the light guide plate.

2, light with a cut when the time to note that there is a special scissors mouth, Led Strip the lamp is generally a meter a loop, the whole place where the rice will generally have 1 cm blank is a special scissors need to cut from the scissors The

3, the light belt is a fitting, accessories generally cross-flow plug (that is, the transformer must have to use the lamp) line card (fixed with a plastic clip) with tail (to protect the lamp with the tail of the plastic sets) Time to ask the business Oh, or missed the accessories do not work Oh

The lights are now widely used in buildings, bridges, roads, gardens, courtyards, floors, ceilings, furniture, cars, ponds, underwater, advertising, signs, signs and so on, Led Strip to various festivals such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, National Day, etc. added to the joy and festive atmosphere, it is tenacious vitality into the advertising, decoration, construction, commercial, Led Strip gift five advantages of the market and exported to Japan, the European Union, Australia Countries and regions. Widely used in body contours, bridges, fence, hotels, forest gardens, dance halls, advertising decoration and other places.

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