Light With Strong Weather Resistance

- Jun 20, 2017-

Lights because of its luminous color changeable, dimmable, can control the color changes, you can choose the effect of monochrome and RGB, to bring the environment colorful visual effects and other characteristics, in the modern decoration by a part of the consumer's favorite and sought after The Recently, many users to Xiaobian consultation lights with 3528 and 5050 distinction, the following Xiaobian detailed information on the lights on the information, Led Strip we hope that the purchase of everyone can help.

Light is the LED lamp with a special processing technology welded to the copper or ribbon flexible circuit board above, and then connected to the power light, Led Strip because of its shape when the light like a light band named.

The earliest process is to solder the LED in the copper above, and then put on the PVC pipe or the use of equipment directly forming, round and flat two, the title according to the number of copper and the shape of the lamp to distinguish between the two lines Called the second line, Led Strip round in front of the circle, that is, round two lines; flat in front with flat words, that is, flat second line. And later developed into a flexible circuit board that FPC to do the carrier, because of its processing technology easier, more easy to control quality, longer life, higher color and brightness, and gradually replace the earlier processing technology, gradually becoming a trend.

What are the characteristics of the light belt?

1, soft, like a wire like curl;

2, able to cut and extension;

3, the bulb and the circuit is completely covered in the flexible plastic, insulation, Led Strip waterproof performance, the use of security;

4, strong weather resistance;

5, not easy to break, long service life;

6, easy to produce graphics, text and other shapes.

In terms of performance, the luminous intensity of the lamp is mainly determined by the lamp beads of the chip (the most famous is the Taiwan wafer chip), the size of the current. Because the two lights with the lamp beads with different chips.

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