LED Tube Reliability

- Oct 26, 2017-

LED lamp to high quality, durable, energy saving as the main features, projection angle adjustment range, 15W brightness equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp, high temperature, moisture waterproof, leakproof. The use of voltage: 110V, 220V optional, optional glass or PC material. LED Tube The lamp is the same as the ordinary fluorescent lamp.

LED tube with the latest LED light source technology, digital design, LED Tube energy saving up to 80% or more, 12W LED tube light intensity equivalent to 40W fluorescent tube LED lamp life of more than 10 times the ordinary lamp, almost free Maintenance, do not often replace the lamp, ballast, starter. Green environmental protection of the semiconductor light source, light soft, pure spectrum, is conducive to the user's vision protection and good health. 6000K cold light source gives a visual cool feeling, humanized illumination difference design, LED Tube but also help to concentrate and improve efficiency.

1, applicability, in a variety of indoor and outdoor environment, the adaptability and reliability have improved

2, rich colors: from the three primary colors (red, green, blue) display unit box composition, the electronic screen to achieve rich color display, high saturation, high resolution, LED Tube high frequency display dynamic images

3, high brightness: the use of ultra-high brightness LED, the sun light is still clearly visible under long distance

4, the effect is good: the use of non-linear correction technology, the image clearer, more layered sense

5, high reliability: the use of static scanning technology and modular design technology, reliability, stability, higher

6, display mode diversification: support a variety of display mode.

LED lamp light rate is relatively high: the whole light efficiency up to 100LM / W or more. Functional stability: the use of the MCOB packaging skills, BOSS primer skills, etc., to ensure a rapid heat to ensure that the number of goods sold. High pressure: the whole lamp can withstand more than 4500V high pressure. Good heat dissipation: the use of a lot of noodles cooling the structure of the design, heat is good, to ensure the stability of the number of goods and the quality of life. Environmental protection: no mercury, lead and other harm the metal, no UV, no flicker, will not damage the formation of Ankang. Long life: the use of longevity in more than 40000 hours.

LED lamp relative to the traditional energy-saving lamps, it is more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, conducive to recovery, soft light, is conducive to human health and health, LED Tube and the use of longevity longer, light effect better than energy-saving lamps. Although the LED lamp offer more expensive than the traditional energy-saving lamps, but it can save you in terms of energy saving to offset these costs, LED Tube the use of half a year to save the electricity has been returned to the cost of procurement costs, so use LED lamp from the long point of view, is more cost-effective.

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