LED Linear Chandelier To Adapt To A Variety Of Temperature

- Jun 07, 2017-

LED linear chandelier light source using automatic KB2600 solid crystal machine, KS-ELITE wire bonders, M25-1500 dispenser and other equipment packaging, LED Linear Pendant Light packaging technology and technology from the United States and Japan, packaging technology industry-leading level; light source DPMO Chance of defects) PPM value: 30-70, up to 100,000 hours (20 years) or more;

LED linear chandelier waterproof performance up to IP67, the full internal lighting high-grade, high polymer silicone waterproof, LED Linear Pendant Light sealed with anti-aging silicone rubber raw materials imported, double waterproof, high resistance to aging rubber solid copper wire, outlet location using high quality stainless steel waterproof lock Head, glass and profiles directly imported silicone rubber adhesive anti-aging, to adapt to a variety of temperature.

LED Linear Chandelier Features:

1, the use of high thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy material, LED Linear Pendant Light anodized or surface spray treatment, the end cap by the aluminum alloy high-pressure die-casting,

2, the use of tempered glass masks, glass surface with high temperature glaze treatment, the lamp within the high temperature anti-glare and anti-ultraviolet glaze;

3, lamp body cooling structure of the first runner design, LED Linear Pendant Light than the general structure to increase the cooling area of 80%, 50% increase in heat dissipation;

4, the surface of the glass and the lamp body to maintain parallel, no tilt and profile deformation phenomenon;

5, the use of patented waterproof breathable bolts to keep the lamp inside and outside the air pressure balance, to prevent condensation within the lamp phenomenon.

LED linear chandelier components performance:

1, drive devices (IC): Texas high power drive devices, LED Linear Pendant Light Philips data communications devices, Philips regulator devices;

2, PCB (printed circuit board): the use of 1.6mm thickness of aluminum circuit boards, mature and stable circuit design, components, automatic patch production;

3, lines buried light source glare light, no radiation, the use of non-harmful substances;

4, LED linear chandelier operating voltage is low, the use of DC drive, ultra-low power (single tube 0.03W-0.06W), electro-optical power conversion close to 100%, in the same lighting effect than traditional light source more than 60% Better environmental benefits;

5, LED linear chandelier spectrum without ultraviolet and infrared, no pollution, no mercury elements, you can safely touch, are typical of green lighting.

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