LED Linear Chandelier Heat Dissipation

- Jul 17, 2017-

LED linear chandelier with imported chip display grade 60 5050 patch light source, the annual decline of less than 5%, long life, low power consumption, pure color, green pollution-free, cold light source design, no heat radiation, The skin without any damage, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, to achieve a true sense of the green;

LED linear chandelier lamp body made of high-pressure aluminum stamping, light body seamless, exquisite beauty, heat dissipation, LED Linear Pendant Light the surface anti-aging electrostatic spray treatment, self-cleaning, corrosion resistance, waterproof effect, Full design, LED Linear Pendant Light face cover low temperature, safety, good protection; military grade anti-UVPC mask, impact resistance, friction;

LED linear chandelier to achieve full color system control, colorful, water, dream effect, mixed light, soft, colorful;

(Silicone flexible, easy to fall off, not easy to aging), double waterproof, waterproof performance tough, grade: IP65; high-grade silicone waterproof,

LED linear chandelier can display text, pattern, video, control mode is divided into: monochrome bright effect, internal control synchronous RGB colorful changes, LED Linear Pendant Light external control synchronous RGB colorful changes, the international standard DMX512 protocol control system, can be synchronized with the computer control, Can also be controlled separately;

LED linear chandelier light all the use of automatic solid crystal wire packaging lead-free wave soldering process production, lamp life of 50,000 hours;

LED linear chandelier with user-friendly design, LED Linear Pendant Light easy to install, easy installation and maintenance of lamps, suitable for a variety of applications needs;

LED linear chandelier operating voltage DC / AC12-24V, power: 12W-15W;

LED linear chandelier circuit board: 1.6mm thick all-glass plate and aluminum plate;

LED linear chandelier lamp size: L1000 * W15 * H26 (can be customized)

LED linear chandelier in detail:

LED chandelier can be composed of hundreds of meters long light band, evolved from the gradient, jump, scan, color chase, color flicker, random flashing, gradient alternately, LED Linear Pendant Light the flow has been video animation and other effects, for the floor lighting, Residential municipalities are decorated; can also be composed of low-resolution display, display video, animation, text and other information.

LED linear chandelier base with high-pressure cast aluminum material, you can directly use the screw fixed, simple installation, flexibility. Mask with a special anti-UV anti-skid military grade anti-UVPC, anti-skid level two, impact resistance, friction, higher than the market similar products, not broken, durable. Line design is stable and reliable, outlet and plug through a special waterproof treatment, LED Linear Pendant Light the product is more suitable for outdoor use. We also have the ability to customize according to customer site conditions.

1, LED linear chandelier up to 144 lamp beads per meter (equivalent to the fence tube) or 60 5050 patch light, through the data control of each pixel changes.

2, special waterproof and installation of composite structure, excellent waterproof performance.

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