LED Lamp Is Environmentally Friendly Lamps

- Aug 08, 2017-


LED light bulbs using light as a light source, light efficiency is higher, more energy efficient, longer life, and more environmentally friendly. As the current stage instead of fluorescent lamp the best product.

LED tube with the traditional fluorescent lamp in the size of the same size, there are T5 tube, T8 tube, T10 tube, the length of 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 2.4m.

LED lamp installation is very simple, the installation of the original fluorescent lamp removed on the LED lamp, LED Tube and the ballast and starter removed, so that 220V AC power directly to the LED tube can be added at both ends.

LED lamp ten advantages

1. Environmentally friendly lamps

The traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapor will be volatile to the atmosphere. But the LED lamp is not using mercury, and LED products are not lead, LED Tube play a protective role on the environment. LED lamp is recognized as the twenty-first century green lighting.

2. Less fever

Traditional lamps will produce a lot of heat, and LED lamps are all converted to light energy, LED Tube will not cause energy waste. And the documents, clothing will not produce fading phenomenon.

3 no noise

LED lamps do not produce noise, LED Tube for the use of sophisticated electronic equipment for the best choice. Suitable for the library, office and the like.

4. protect eyes

Traditional fluorescent use of alternating current, so every second will produce 100-120 times the strobe. LED lamp using LED constant current work, LED Tube is the direct conversion of AC into direct current, effectively reduce

LED light failure, fast start, no flicker, protect the eyes.

5. No mosquito trouble

LED tube does not produce ultraviolet light, infrared light and other radiation, mercury and other harmful substances, less heat. So not like the traditional lighting, LED Tube there are many mosquitoes around the light source. The interior will become more clean and hygienic


6. Wide operating voltage range

The traditional fluorescent lamp is lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier, and can not be lit when the voltage is reduced.

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