LED Has A Wide Range Of Applications, And Gradually Emerges In The Application Of Physical Therapy Assistance

- Feb 17, 2021-

As far as the average person is concerned, although there are many applications for LEDs, their functions are the backlight of displays and panels, or for lighting purposes. Power saving and high brightness are the biggest advantages. But in addition to the above applications, LEDs can actually do more. Since the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) discovered in 2000 that the use of red LED light can help repair astronauts’ muscle and bone damage and accelerate wound healing. It is a safe and non-invasive home maintenance tool. The application of physical therapy assistance.

For research in related fields, Yuqiu, a subsidiary of Guanjing Optoelectronics, is the most active in China. The company uses LED red light to launch two products, "Photoseal" and "Sullit" that can stimulate acupuncture points. The phototherapy effect is used to relieve the general discomfort of the head, shoulders, neck and waist, giving the LED more health and practical effects. . These two products have also been recognized by academics and medical professionals.

Zhan Lide, a physiotherapist who obtained a master’s degree in biodynamics and a clinical doctorate degree in physical therapy in the United States, has practiced locally for more than 10 years, said that in addition to the regular professional treatment in the clinic, if the patient can be supplemented by appropriate health care methods at home, there are Helps accelerate the repair of injured parts. And he believes that LED cold red light has been popular in Europe and America for a long time, especially the NASA case, which has accelerated the acceptance of "low-power, high-illuminance" LED red light products.

Zhan Lide pointed out that since practising in Los Angeles, USA in 2008, patients are often advised to use LED red light products for maintenance at home to improve the treatment effect. However, most of the traditionally marketed devices are large-scale floor-mounted instruments or handheld products. For patients, not only activities will be restricted, but also inconvenient to use, which affects the willingness to use.

However, when Zhan Lide accidentally returned to Taiwan and found that the LED red light "portable" product developed by Taiwanese manufacturers can be directly attached or worn on the human body without affecting the daily life of patients. It can be said to be the most practical product. He also decided to introduce related products to the United States to help patients under treatment and continue to take care of local maintenance at home.

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