Hyundai Motor Develops New Flexible LED Lights That Can Be Inserted Into Tail Lights And Brake Lights

- Feb 23, 2021-

Hyundai Motor develops new flexible LED lights that can be inserted into tail lights and brake lights

According to Korean media reports, yesterday (22), Hyundai Mobis of South Korea announced the development of a flexible LED car light HLED, which can be bent like a film and has a thickness of 5.5mm, which can be used as a tail light and brake light.

According to reports, the H in HLED stands for high performance, high definition and high consistency. Hyundai cars use low-heat and energy-saving LED chips that can control tail lights and brake lights at the same time. Compared with the previous generation products, HLED has fewer internal parts, so it takes up 40% less space.

With its bendable characteristics, HLED taillights can emit bright and uniform light in five different directions at the same time, enhancing the visibility of the driver. At the same time, the car factory can design complex and unique shapes, and can also achieve vivid animation effects.

It is reported that Hyundai has spent two years developing this product and is currently applying for a patent at home and abroad. It is worth noting that HLED lights have obtained the European ECE certification and the US SAE certification, and passed the reliability tests related to taillights and brake lights.

At present, Hyundai Motor has received orders from European automakers and is actively preparing for mass production of HLED lights.

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