Honeywell Launches UVC Backpack Products, Suitable For All Types Of Transportation

- Mar 04, 2021-

Honeywell launches UVC backpack products, suitable for all types of transportation

On February 24, Honeywell announced the launch of a new small version based on its aircraft cabin UV treatment system. The new product includes an ultraviolet lamp tube and a portable backpack, which can help users quickly and economically reduce pathogens on the surface of high-frequency contact objects. It is widely used in a variety of vehicles, from buses, trains, cars to small planes.

Honeywell's UV treatment package includes a 12-inch (about 30 cm) long handheld lamp tube that emits UVC ultraviolet light. The total weight of the system is about 15 pounds (about 6.8 kg), and it is suitable for various spaces that can accommodate people, including vehicles, buildings and other shared spaces.

The backpack part of this product can slide on the ground like a small suitcase, and the built-in battery can go from no power to full power in 2.5 hours. The portable option in the new product also includes a UVC lamp, which costs only 10 cents per use.

Honeywell's UV treatment package can irradiate the surface of the target object at different heights and speeds according to the operating environment and needs. Under ideal dosage and speed conditions, the handheld ultraviolet lamp can cover about 1 square meter of surface area in 17 seconds, and the working distance is about 3.5 meters per minute. The equipment can process the high-frequency contact surface of the medium-sized business jet cabin, cockpit and toilet in 15 minutes, and can complete the internal surface treatment of ordinary taxis in 5 minutes.

Honeywell said it is currently accepting orders for UV treatment packages, and the first batch of products will be shipped in April this year. The aircraft cabin UV treatment system released by Honeywell has now been applied to many airlines and ground handling companies including JetBlue Airways, Qatar Airways and Brazil's Blue Airways.

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