Glare On The Impact Of Indoor LED Lighting

- Aug 17, 2017-

Glare is due to the apparent distribution of brightness or brightness in the field of view, or there is an extreme contrast, resulting in a sense of discomfort or the ability to reduce the ability to observe detail or goals. According to the impact of glare on the visual, can be divided into uncomfortable glare and disability glare, in the indoor lighting, generally do not appear disability glare.The formation of glare can be considered a glare light emitted by the light source on the retina to form a bright light curtain superimposed on the image of the object, the light curtain to reduce the contrast of the image, the target becomes difficult to see.

From the perspective of visual efficacy analysis, glare will affect visual perception, people will produce irritability and uncomfortable mood, the impact on people's mental health.

From the glare point of view, it is recommended that office lighting choose low-light cold light as a light source, fluorescent lamps and low-power cold white LED lights are a good choice.

Here recommended a Anti-glare linear down light as below:


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