GE Current, Hubbell, Etc. Announced A 3%-10% Price Increase For Lighting Products

- Jan 15, 2021-

GE Current, Hubbell, etc. announced a 3%-10% price increase for lighting products 

Recently, three more American lighting-related companies, unable to withstand the pressure of rising costs, have successively announced to increase the prices of related products by 3%-10%. 


On January 4, Hubbell Lighting stated that in order to cope with the cost pressures of commodities, freight and foreign exchange rates, the company decided to increase the prices of some lamps and control products by 3%-10%, which will take effect on February 15. 


On January 7, the US QSSI stated that due to the continuous increase in the costs of raw materials, components, packaging and transportation, and the increase in foreign exchange rates, utilities and environmental impacts, the company decided to increase product prices by 10%, starting from February 8. Take effect. 

On January 11, GE Current, a Daintree Company, also announced a notice of product price increases. The main reason is that under the influence of the global epidemic, the cost of raw materials and electronic components of commodities such as steel and aluminum, freight and logistics costs continue to rise, and the foreign exchange rate Unfavorable etc. 


GE Current adjusts prices for different product categories. Among them, the price of LED lighting fixtures, light poles and controllers rose by 8%, effective from March 1. Prices for LED lights and power supplies will be raised by 3%, effective from March 1.

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