CyberOptics Announces The Latest Financial Report, Micro LED Equipment Q4 Revenue Of 600,000 US Dollars

- Feb 21, 2021-

CyberOptics announces the latest financial report, Micro LED equipment Q4 revenue of 600,000 US dollars 

On the 18th, CyberOptics (Digital Optical Technology), an American manufacturer of sensors & inspection systems, announced its fourth quarter and full-year financial results for 2020.


CyberOptics’ fourth-quarter revenue was US$16.9 million, which was basically the same year-on-year; net income was US$1.5 million, which was a decline. The annual revenue was US$70.1 million, an increase of 18% year-on-year; the net income was US$570, a year-on-year increase of 636%. 

It is worth noting that the SQ3000 multifunctional system related to Micro LED achieved sales of 600,000 US dollars in Q4, and contributed 4.6 million US dollars in annual revenue. It is understood that CyberOptics is a developer and supplier of high-precision 3D sensing technology solutions. Its sensors are mainly used for detection and measurement in the SMT and semiconductor markets, which can significantly improve the yield and productivity of equipment. 

In March 2020, the company won a $1.2 million SQ3000 automatic optical inspection (AOI), solder paste inspection (SPI) and coordinate measurement (CMM) multi-function system order to expand the scale of Micro LED technology, ranking second Quarterly revenue contribution. CyberOptics expects to receive more Micro LED system orders in 2021, and is optimistic about the long-term growth potential of Micro LED inspection and measurement applications. Looking forward to the first quarter of 2021, CyberOptics expects to achieve revenue of $1,650 to $17.5 million.

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