Benefiting From Invisible Light And MiniLED, Everlight Is Expected To Improve Its Operations This Year

- Apr 08, 2021-

Benefiting from applications such as invisible light and MiniLED, Everlight is expected to improve its operations this year

Everlight last year, driven by the increasing demand for invisible light products, both revenue and profit resumed growth. It is expected that this year, with the price increase of some non-visible light products and the addition of new production capacity to operations, there will be a chance to maintain the growth trend.

Although the first quarter was the traditional off-season, due to the low base period of the same period last year and the increase in demand for optocouplers and invisible light products, revenue in January and February this year was 3.707 billion yuan (NTD, the same below), an annual increase of 35.2% , With the recovery of the March revenue, the initial estimate of the first quarter's revenue is similar to the previous quarter, with an annual increase of more than 20%.

At present, invisible light products account for more than 30% of Everlight's revenue, and the production capacity utilization rate remains at full capacity. The main driving force is the growth in demand for wearables, consumer electronics, electric vehicles and communication equipment. The company expects to continue to expand its invisible light production capacity this year and increase production capacity by about 30%, starting in the second half of the year as soon as possible.

In addition, MiniLED package products have been mass-produced and shipped last year, initially focusing on TV brand customers. This year, they received orders for MiniLED backlights for IT applications such as notebook computers NB and computer screen Minitors. It is expected that MiniLED shipments this year will have an opportunity. This is doubled compared to last year.

Everlight last year, supported by the demand for invisible light products and backlights, achieved annual revenue of 21.6 billion yuan, an annual increase of 3.14%, and earnings per share of 2.79 yuan, a record high in the past four years. Both revenue and profit recovered from the previous year. . The board of directors decided to distribute a cash dividend of RMB 2.25 per share, which is also the best in the past three years.

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