Advantages Of LED Higbay Lamps

- Aug 17, 2017-

LED high bay light, is the use of high-brightness LED light source instead of the traditional lamp beads as luminous body, with lithium-ion battery production of industrial highbay lamp. Compared with the traditional higbay lamp, the product is small, light weight, energy efficient and so on. Applicable to all kinds of underground mining operations, tunnel operations, marine operations, maintenance operations, outdoor sports, hunting night fishing, expedition, soldiers and other places to carry lighting equipment。

Compared to traditional lighting LED miner has the following advantages:
1. Shell with engineering plastics and bulletproof glass as a whole cast, fully enclosed structure, can work in a variety of harsh environments.
2. Power supply with high safety lithium-ion battery, no pollution, storage capacity, no charge memory, no need to replace the battery fluid, is a completely maintenance-free products.
3. Light source using LED cold light source, energy saving more than 70%, no need to replace the lamp, does not produce spark, completely eradicated mine accidents caused by mine accidents.



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