2021 Ten Key Display Technology Trends: The Best TV Display Technology Is Worth Looking Forward To

- Mar 23, 2021-

The display technology is undergoing tremendous changes in 2021. As we enter the next ten years, we will have more intelligent, compact, and portable devices. From artificial intelligence to mobile phones and devices, display technology will change the way humans work, live, and play.

1. The future of mobile phones is slowly unfolding

The explosive growth of online games, entertainment, and information has brought more people to mobile screens throughout history. Therefore, the screen tends to be larger in size, and the price is also easy for people to accept, which is completely expected. More and more people watch movies on major platforms, such as Netflix and HULU platforms. People are chasing dramas on mobile phones, spending more and more time on social media, obsessed with and watching higher-definition and larger pictures and videos.

Samsung, Royole Technology, Motorola and other manufacturers released new flexible mobile phones with flexible substrates, unique materials, and ultra-thin displays that can be folded multiple times. Most foldable phones use OLED displays. The development of next-generation displays has fertile soil. New TADF materials from Noctiluca and Omniply's flexible electronic products as thin as stickers will maintain the leading position of OLED technology.

2. Miniaturized AR/VR technology brings an eye-opening experience

Although people are expecting Apple or Google to release new AR products, the VR field has brought people a lot of exciting news, mainly from the microdisplay led by MicroOLED technology. The experience of using a mobile phone as a VR device is not good, and people complain that the combination of VR and LCD technology will cause halos. The industry hopes to solve these problems by adopting OLED technology. The new technological progress made by eMagin in Direct patterning OLED displays will bring substantial breakthroughs in the application of VR technology and increase the brightness of MicroOLED displays by 10 times.

3. Trend of the times: MicroLED

The MicroLED technology introduced by Sony and Samsung will lead the development trend of the digital signage industry. We can expect digital signage to provide significantly enhanced visual effects with higher resolution, higher contrast, more vivid colors and faster response speed. Based on flexible impression transfer and micro IC backplane technology, X Display has moved from the laboratory to mass production after years of research. MicroLED displays use GaN and InGaAIP semiconductors, and the brightness and efficiency of the displays far exceed those of LCD displays.

Unlike traditional displays, MicroLED displays do not have the problem of screen aging. The application of MicroLED displays in indoor and outdoor digital signage surpasses LCD and OLED displays. For example, digital signage in shopping malls and retail stores, as well as other places where LED technology has not been involved before. Regarding low-power indoor digital signage, Visionect's electronic paper has many advantages, such as high image quality, low power consumption, and suitable brightness and color.

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