104mm Tube Lamp Is Generally Suitable For Supermarkets

- Jul 27, 2017-

104mm Tube lamp is usually a screw-mouth lamp, can be directly fitted with incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps.

1 compact and high luminous flux. With energy-saving lamp power consumption is the incandescent lamp 1/5, the life expectancy is 6 times times the incandescent lamp, the size has maintained 175 compact design, 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light has suppressed the lamp's existence feeling, has created the bright space.

2 Two reflectors with mirror and matte. A specular reflector with a flicker of light to mediate the ceiling's frosted reflector with a moderate degree of brilliance.

3 using sliding fixed card, convenient for construction. Can be installed in the 3mm to 25mm of different thickness of the ceiling, maintenance can be very convenient to remove the luminaire.

4 Energy-saving lamps have a lot of color temperature, commonly used 6400K (white), 4000K (neutral light), 2700K (yellow) of three types, 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light these three kinds of color temperature can create a different atmosphere. Can choose the most suitable color lamp according to different use.

The 104mm tube lamp is a kind of illumination lamp which is embedded in the ceiling light. Its biggest feature is to maintain the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration, 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light not because of the setting of lamps and lanterns to destroy the perfect unity of art. Its structure advantage is to hide the light source inside the building decoration, light source is not exposed, no glare, the visual effect of the person is soft and uniform. Generally in hotels, families, cafes use more.

From the source of light emitting direction, 104mm tube lamp is a directional lighting, only its opposite can be light, beam angle belongs to the spotlight, light more concentrated, contrast strong. The more prominent objects, the higher the brightness flow, but also the quiet atmosphere. 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light Generally suitable for shopping malls supermarkets, office buildings, business Hall.

From the way of lighting, it includes indirect lighting and direct lighting, 104mm tube lamp belongs to direct lighting, light through the reflector direct shooting, lamp efficiency of about 85%.

Vertical type of 104mm lamp reflector depth is deep, belongs to the deep light type lamps, the beam is more concentrated, there is a certain concentration, allowing the height ratio in 0.7 ~ 1.2 range, more for high space lighting.

The idea of energy saving is used to design 104mm tube lamp and increase environmental awareness. 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light When the 104mm tube lamp also has the energy-saving "core", you have to admit, it is stingy really have reason

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