104mm Downlight Light Utilization Is High

- Oct 26, 2017-

104mm Downlight is a kind of embedded in the ceiling under the light of the lighting type (also known as LED ceiling light). 104mm downlight is a directional lighting, only its opposite surface to be received, the beam angle is focused, the light is more concentrated, bright and dark contrast. 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light More prominent by the object, high luminosity, but also to bring out a quiet atmosphere. Generally suitable for shopping malls supermarkets, office buildings, business hall.

104mm Downlight main features:

1,104mm downlight lamp cup shell with special die-casting aluminum alloy processing technology, with good heat dissipation, light fades small, life is much greater than the ordinary 104mm downlight, anti-electromagnetic interference and radiation;

2, the use of optical grade PMMA efficient lens, high light utilization, good illumination;

3, the temperature range: indoor -40 ℃ to +60 ℃.

104mm downlight can be widely used:

1, shop display, window, hotel, restaurant and other interior lighting, exhibition hall, art hall, museum, office, reading room and other local lighting, taxi high, bar, karaoke OK and other atmosphere lighting, jewelry, 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light gold and silver jewelry, Fashion lighting and other places instead of ordinary 104mm downlight.

2, local lighting: corridors, toilets, parking garage, the use of lighting, factories, residential area to use the security lights, anti-theft lights, night lights, lights, room night lights,

104mm downlight material

1, the general family with 104mm downlight maximum no more than 2.5 inches, 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light put 5W energy saving lamp on the line. In the case of

2,104mm downlight is the most recent generation, can be used as an ordinary 104mm downlight alternatives, the light is better than the ordinary, the only drawback is that if the bad 1,2 lights can not be replaced. In the case of

3, 104mm downlight cover material is also divided into many kinds of iron, aluminum, die-casting and other materials, in general, the 104mm downlight low price, 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light pure aluminum and die-casting materials are more expensive, but more durable. Works on the use of more for the iron surface of the 104mm downlight, but the proposed home improvement of the 104mm lamp with a rusty surface cover is not easy. In the case of

104mm downlight lamp is a more important part of the main material of the lamp is ceramic. Inside the reed is the most important, there are two kinds of copper and aluminum, a good brand is used to do aluminum, and in the contact point under the installation of a spring, you can enhance the contact. 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light The other is the lamp power line, a good brand is the use of three-wire connection lamp (three lines that line of fire, zero line, ground line), and some will bring the terminal, this is a good distinction between good brand and ordinary brand a very basic way. In the case of

Reflective cups are generally sand cup and cup two kinds of materials for the aluminum, aluminum will not change color, and the reflectivity is better. Some small manufacturers will use plastic spray to do, 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light this process looks very good, but over time will become dark, or even black. Identification method is to see the uniformity of the cutting, aluminum cutting is very neat, spray is the opposite.


1, compact and high luminous flux. With energy-saving lamps are incandescent 1/5, life is 6 times the incandescent, the size of the compact design to maintain 175, inhibit the presence of lamps, creating a bright space. In the case of

2, there are two kinds of mirror and frosted reflector. 104mm Width LED Linear Down Light A specular reflector that brings a flicker to reconcile the frosted reflector of the ceiling with a modest degree. In the case of

3, using a sliding fixed card, easy construction. Can be installed in the 3mm to 25mm different thickness of the ceiling, the maintenance can be very convenient to remove the lamp. In the case of

4, energy-saving lamps have a lot of color temperature, commonly used are 6400K (white), 4000K (neutral light), 2700K (yellow) of the three types, these three color temperature can create a different atmosphere. According to different purposes to choose the most appropriate color lamp. 

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