Why is the LED linear fitting fixture bad easily in summer?

- May 16, 2017-

Don't know if you have found that both LED bulbs, LED ceiling lamp, LED lamp, LED project-light lamp, LED mining lamp, etc., in summer it is easier to bad, is higher than the probability of bad winter very much, why?


Answer: heat dissipation is not good, in summer the weather temperature is higher, the LED light will be fever, lamps and lanterns is burned out.


So what causes?

1. The thermal conductive materials of lamps and lanterns is not enough, such as existing inferior bulbs full plastic, no heat radiator, light fever heat conductivity not, why not bad?


2. The thermal design of lamps and lanterns is not reasonable, a lot of lamps and lanterns, no heat dissipation design take parts assembled directly, without scientific experiment testing, how bad?


3. The installation environment is unreasonable, the LED lamps and lanterns installation requires certain heat dissipation space for heat dissipation, and the installation environment humidity, LED lamps and lanterns in damp environment, also easy to bad, because the LED lamps and lanterns are of electronic components, once wet lead to easy bad impact performance. This kind of reason, only the users themselves to use the note.

Summary, LED lamps and lanterns of bad easily in summer, the main or skill quality, with use of the lamps and lanterns is in the process of choosing lamps and lanterns, use the lamps and lanterns to note.

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