What should the bakery lighting design do?

- Jul 08, 2017-

Today, let 's talk about how the bakery' s lighting design should be done.


Bakery lighting design need to pay attention to what aspects? So different opinions:

- "key lighting must have!" (Lighting level)

- "In the end is to sell bread or cream cake? Need to consider the partition design. Bread is still more suitable for about 3000K warm white." (Color temperature)

- "If the high-level dessert Maccaron, you need high color temperature, high color rendering, but the illumination uniformity is low." (Color temperature, color, environmental ratio)

As an industry to eat goods, I do on the food store lighting design more feeling. So try to put forward according to the various views, combined with their own learning, finishing written.


Perhaps you are reading the article, you will just mention the industry terminology - lighting level, color temperature, color, the environment than do not understand. So I will follow the above order to bakery, for example, for you to explain my personal understanding of the lighting.


Lighting level

Like the space for the overall wear with the same, different space needs different characteristics of the light environment level:

The basic warm and comfortable needs of the "bottoming suit" - the atmosphere of light;

Need to show people, pleasing to the "dress" - focus on lighting;

As well as decorated with a small atmosphere of the "accessories" - decorative lighting.

Design of light environment, we must first based on space requirements, to develop the overall mix of programs, which is the level of lighting.

Commodities show need to be more prominent focus on lighting, public areas suitable for uniform general lighting, this style of configuration, as the banquet wear evening dress, the workplace wearing the same dress according to local conditions.


Bakery, the use of downlights or diffuse light decorative lighting to bring the atmosphere of lighting, exhibition racks and showcase area will need to add key lighting. Layered display of vertical stand In order to avoid uneven light and produce shadows on the bread, the general use of hidden installation of the cabinet lights for lighting. Cabinet lights are also particularly suitable for showcase with glass cover, in order to avoid the light source on the ceiling due to glass reflection and glare.

Facade lighting

Window is very important! In order to attract diners, almost every bakery has a glass window.

If your present bread, paper cups, donuts and other display on the transparent window, then my suggestion is: to light them! The goal is to let the passers-by can be aware of the existence of these little cute, so that they are in the light against the background of the lovely, so that the goods are facing the window drooling!

Compared to the common level of lighting, vertical lighting is the way to attract the eye of the king, so here do not hesitate to use your color temperature adaptation, color and excellent light source and light the best lighting equipment!


Leisure area

In most bakeries, there is always a relaxing area where you can stop and enjoy the food. Here we do not need "aggressive" under the light. Subtle natural diffuse light or semi-light decorative lights, more suitable for creating a relaxed and comfortable and no lack of private atmosphere.

People are more willing to sit in such a quiet light environment to drink a cup of coffee, a piece of cake. While the store's personality and characteristics can also be formed through the unique shape of the lamp is reflected.


Color temperature

In the large environment on the basis of uniform color temperature, such as the general lighting 3000K, relatively low showcase and display within the color temperature difference, and will not damage the overall indoor effect, not easy to cause the customer's surprise.


Color rendering

Color reproduction means the ability of the light to restore the original color. Popular say, the higher the color of light, the more brightly colored by the material. Therefore, the color of the light source is the impact of bread and cake "sell" the key.

Warm white or neutral white LED, fluorescent, at least use this indicator: Ra> 85, R9> 0 (red light color), to be able to create a "delicious" light environment. In the high light color of the light irradiation, we can even feel the cake and the taste of fresh and fresh bread toast.


Environment ratio


This refers to the brightness of the illuminated objects and the ratio of the brightness of the surrounding environment, the greater the ratio, the more obvious the contrast between light and shade, the more prominent by the photo. Whether it is near the bright 1: 2 environment than, or with a little dramatic 1: 5 environment than, can be applied to the bakery.

Bakery environment than no stereotypes, the choice of light environment than the store, is one of the important factors in positioning consumer groups. Dramatic environment than will make the customer produce "the store's bread is more upscale" psychological feelings. Uniform light of the light environment, will make customers feel that "this shop is very close to the people."

The decorative finishes, color selection, for the guests of the subjective brightness experience also plays an important role. Can be in the white, light-colored tone of the interior space, easy to create a uniform bright light environment;

In the dark, dark, cool tone of the interior environment, you can freely create dramatic space. If you have to go against, such as dark indoor environment to create a uniform room, you may be higher energy consumption as a price.

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