What is the UGR ?

- May 06, 2017-

Unified Glare value UGR :Unified Glare Rating.

To measure the light emitted by indoor lighting devices in the visual environment of the human eye discomfort caused by subjective psychological parameters of reaction, its value can be calculated by the regulation conditions in CIE unified glare value formula.


The original industry and civil lighting design standard direct glare of general indoor lighting, is according to the brightness to restrict the limit curve, this method is only on a single limit the glare of lamps and lanterns, does not represent all indoor lamps and lanterns of glare of the overall effect. Therefore, CIE in comprehensive national glare calculation formula is put forward on the basis of the unified glare value (UGR) formula. Applicable to simple cubic shape general lighting design of the room, lamps and lanterns uniform spacing arrangement, lamps and lanterns for the asymmetric light distribution, general observation position at the point of the vertical and horizontal wall, observation of eye level forward.


More and more project need the UGR<17, as can protect the people’s eyes well, so our company design the popular recessed linear lighting office, recessed linear lighting, surface mounted led linear lights supermarket, pendant linear lights for different customers choose.



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