What is the difference between the concealed panel light and the panel light?

- Jun 23, 2017-

Panel lights are the most popular energy-saving lamp products, it is light, high brightness, no flash, no radiation, energy saving and environmental protection, the advantages of many will not be loved by people, but many consumers in the purchase of panel lights when meeting To this problem, how the panel lights are also sub-installed and installed, what is the difference between them, I should buy the kind of light is suitable for my home installation, I believe many people will encounter such a problem, then the following understanding Concealed and installed in the end what is the difference between how they are installed.

First, the appearance of the difference.

From the appearance point of view, their difference is that the thickness of the dark package is thin, thin to only 1 cm thick, the back there are two high up the buckle, the two buckle is used to card spring, and the The edge of the edge, the edge thickness of about 2 cm, the middle is concave down, it can be screwed on the side of the shelf used to stick to the ceiling fixed live.

Second, the difference between the installation methods.

We look at their installation, concealed installation is embedded in the card has been a good hole in the ceiling, the panel lights can just be embedded into the ceiling, with the ceiling into one, the dark panel lights will not be installed There is a very prominent protruding, very beautiful, and the side is not the need to put the ceiling openings, only need to use a shelf with screws fixed on the ceiling, with the screws on the panel lights can be fixed on the shelves, Panel lights are installed after the obvious bulge out.


Summary: whether it is concealed or installed, they are only on the appearance and installation methods are different in the luminous efficiency and energy saving is the same.

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