What is stroboscopic

- Aug 23, 2017-

LED light source and lamp strobe mainly from the poor drive power supply, such as RC capacitive power supply, ripple high switching power supply. Test and determine the LED light source and the lamp is stroboscopic, the simple way is to open the phone camera and camera function, electronic viewfinder that lens alignment to observe the LED light source, framing screen accounted for more than 2/3 of the phone screen, Is close to the LED light source observation, such as mobile phone LCD screen to see the light source has obvious black stripes rolling or bright and dark changes, you can determine the strobe.


The cause of stroboscopic


Power grid-powered LED light source and lamp stroboscopic is mainly due to the use of power grid AC power supply caused by a simple resistance to the buck power supply, power grid frequency and its frequency and other noise ripple can not be filtered. AC power by the rectifier and RC capacitor to provide the pulse of the DC pulse has a greater volatility, parasitic 50Hz which frequency, 100Hz, 150Hz, 200Hz frequency doubling fluctuations have become visible in the human eye flashing. Poor switching power supply cut corners, the circuit is not designed, the electrolytic capacitor capacity is too small, will lead to low-frequency ripple is difficult to filter, so the stroboscope is inevitable. Buy a light election Lu Xing


Storm hazard?


1, may cause brain cell damage

Researchers said that by observing the EEG found that even if the light strobe in the environment has been almost unaware of the body's retina can still distinguish the frequency of 100-160Hz, or even up to 200Hz light and to respond , In the cat as the representative of the animal experiments, 100-120Hz light has caused its brain cell burns, burn cells are lateral geniculate body, the organization plays a role in controlling the eye.


2, may affect reading and vision

Studies have shown that fluorescent light and CRT display brightness strobe will affect people in reading the text when the eye movement trajectory, in addition, in some health check report also found that visual impairment is caused by the fluorescent light strobe.


3, may induce migraine

Experiments show that the frequency of 100Hz fluorescent light strobe may cause office workers to increase the incidence of headache, of course, this effect is usually considered a special case, only in the special population.


4, reduce work efficiency and lead to work injury

In led light industry, food, printing, electronics, textile and other industries, the general use of straight tube fluorescent lighting field, such as pipeline, strokes caused by visual fatigue, migraine, will cause difficulties in positioning, low production efficiency and other issues; In the industry, such as the crane operator, because the strobe caused by visual fatigue will cause difficulties in positioning, operational errors, and even lead to accidents; in the moving object speed and light frequency strobe frequency multiplier, the movement of the movement of the object will produce Static, reverse, slow speed and other three kinds of state periodic repetitive false vision, easily lead to work accidents.

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