What is a linear cabinet light

- Jul 19, 2017-

What is a linear cabinet light?


1, linear cabinet lights


  Cabinet lights are mainly used for local lighting in the hanging cabinet. General kitchen lighting are installed in the kitchen above the light from the top down, so the cabinet light will be blocked by the cabinet board caused by lack of light, the cabinet lights can take care of such life details, with infrared sensor switch cabinet lighting The lights can add a little more sense of fashion for the cabinet.


2, hanging linear cabinet bottom lights


  Hanging cabinet under the lights for the table and sink position lighting, the main auxiliary cabinet console due to lack of main lighting as a supplementary local lighting, some hanging cabinet bottom lights also have a certain decorative effect. The kitchen can be designed by lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere, soothing mood.


3, drawer lights, floor cabinet lights


  Drawer lights, floor cabinet lights for cabinet lighting usually with infrared sensor switch, playing the door or drawer will automatically turn on the induction, the main auxiliary cabinet lighting.



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