What are the correct points for the interior lighting?

- May 26, 2017-

Indoor light color selection points, not just the difference between the color temperature of the light source, should also include the illumination, power, color rendering index and other parameters, as well as lamps and light with a reasonable match. So, what is the color of indoor light in the end?

Meet the functional requirements

The functional requirements of the local space are the first to be considered, such as the basic lighting of the home area, the illumination needs of the reading area, the illuminance and color rendering index requirements of the cooking area and the dining area, the illumination and color of the clothing storage area Index demand, etc., before the purchase of lamps must first do the scene expected.

Meet the comfort needs

Non-functional area of the lighting, to do to avoid the glare effect, to reduce unnecessary light caused by light pollution. The use of indirect lighting low color temperature light source can bring soft light, help to relax

And the interior decoration of the material used with a reasonable match

Wall paint, door trim, floor tiles, wall painting, color carpet, high saturation pillow cushions, dolls and souvenirs on the shelf, these constitute the room space of the local visual center of gravity objects and materials, for the light source color temperature , Color reproduction ability, lighting ability of the lamp, the size of the spot requirements are not the same, different light source and lamp selection, showing the color effect is almost completely different.

Light and shadow division

The shape of the lamp will affect the light source of the irradiation range, different installation angle and direction, have different power effects, which affect the projection of the wall in the top of the distribution of light and shadow areas.

Other suggestions

Lamps Light source When you choose to pay attention to the type of interface and installation of the required size, and the same lighting layer of the light source as far as possible in color temperature and color consistency.

The following is more specific to the indoor light color selection to do a little discussion, taking into account the expression of the questioner, we first to discuss the issue of color temperature.

In the interior design of the lighting color, according to the functional lighting needs, consider the possibility of comfort lighting, lighting level of the design division, and refer to the visual center of gravity of the default position, select the color temperature, luminous flux, color Index, power, shape the size of the appropriate light source and supporting lamps.

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