What are the Advantages of LED Epistar Chip ?

- May 06, 2017-

1.Chip with high brightness, stable performance and capacity which is long, in a few years ago acquired Taiwan several established after the chip maker, has now become Taiwan and chip production capacity of the world's biggest manufacturer, they relatively complete series chips, but late is expected to give priority to in order to highlight large size.


2. What’s more, the price of LED Epistar chip is very comprective than other LED chips, such as Samsung chip, Cree chip, osram chip, sharp chip.

So far, the LED Epistar Chip is widely used in the LED market, such as the LED linear lights application(office, commercial), the LED flexible strips, the LED rigid strips.


Our company use the LED Epistar chip our led linear lights, such as the LED LINEAR  HIGH-BAY LIGHT, LED LINEAR TRI-PROOF High Power, SUSPENSION LINEAR   LIGHT .

CRI 80/90 optional, our compnay sell 20,000PCS linear lights a month very hot.



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