Waterproof butt plugs for impact analysis of outdoor LED lamps

- Jun 05, 2017-

LED point light source, for small products have high requirements, only the craft, the detail is done, can be powerful performance to ensure the LED point light source, we say here is that the plug part.


Despite your LED point light quality and other parts of the process is very good, but the waterproof plug doesn't pass, the front is again good also useless. For the LED lamps and lanterns has unique specifications of waterproof plug, because waterproof plug part as a direct contact with the power, had to be strict.


Affect the above all is waterproof effect, waterproof plug need to be able to achieve IP68 coefficient of water-proof and dust-proof, the protection material, insulation breakdown voltage is greater than 1500 v. Working temperature and 40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, to adapt to a variety of weather conditions, multi-channel waterproof aprons interface, with pressure tight seal, under the condition of heat bilges cold shrink seal is good, still has a high in antioxidants, waterproof performance.

Conform to the specifications of the waterproof plug, can reduce safety problems such as leakage of lamps and lanterns. And some of the manufacturers, with inferior waterproof plug, at the interface of inosculation, specification of copper wire, insulation material part was not up to standard, easy to aging, frequent touch water burn phenomenon, serious still can cause casualties.


Waterproof butt plugs, this small detail can affect the safety and normal use of the entire product.



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