Tri-proof light

- Mar 10, 2017-

      Tri-proof light means: waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion of the three anti. The use of special anti-oxidation anti-corrosion materials and silicone seals to achieve the protection requirements of lamps. This lamp on the circuit control board for anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-oxidation treatment, for the electrical box sealed cooling characteristics of the weak, intelligent temperature control three anti-lamp dedicated working circuit, reducing the power inverter operating temperature, Plugs double insulation treatment, to ensure the safety and reliability of the line. According to the actual working environment of tri-proof lights, the surface of the protective equipment for nano-spray moisture-proof anti-corrosion treatment, proof the dust and moisture into.

      Tri-proof lights are generally used for corrosive relatively strong, dusty, rainy industrial lighting demand places, such as: power plants, steel, petrochemicals, ships, venues, parking lots, basements, etc.

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