Those you do not know the LED lights with knowledge

- Jun 28, 2017-

In our lives, basically everyone will see the LED lights with lights issued by the light, but many people know little about this product. Then what is the LED lights with it, LED lights with the end in the use of where, give us what benefits? How can we choose high-quality light with products?

As a business LED lights for many years, for many high-rise buildings for landscape lighting design, for the countless real estate villas to provide lighting products professionals, I use my own experience for you to explain the basic knowledge of LED lights with.

LED lights are divided into high-pressure lights and low-voltage light bar

LED lights with the most important difference is not the lamp beads, but the voltage is different. Directly connected to the 220V mains is a high-pressure light belt, and low-voltage light belt but refers to 12V soft light strip and 24V soft light bar. 220V high pressure lamp with a small lamp with a plug to achieve the installation, so that light with a blooming light. And 12V soft light bar is required to switch with the power supply to change the voltage, can access 220V mains, if it is 12V RGB light belt, in addition to switching power supply, but also need to match the controller Caixing. But now the wisdom of LED lights with, has introduced a set of switching power supply and controller integration of the integrated controller, you can only use an integrated controller to achieve variable light color.

LED lights with the color is divided into monochrome and color

Now the TV is also LED, what kind of color can be displayed. This principle is the same with the LED lights. If you want what color can be done, what kind of effect can be achieved. But because the main function of LED lights with the screen is not as a display, but the rendering atmosphere. So the most used or a single color-based. Such as the family inside is a warm feeling, generally warm white LED lights with the main. Inside the office is the main white, the general shopping malls in the shape of the counter when the light, like to use blue. And those who do night, like beer houses, bars, dance halls are particularly like a dynamic color RGB lights. As the color is not the same, the price of light with a little difference. But because the light with a single color and colorful lights with the use of the plug and control is not the same, so the main classification, like that is monochrome, or color.


LED lights with the main use of where

LED low-voltage lights with a special place to use, for example, now we buy LED European lights, LED light inside the modern light, are low-voltage LED lights. There are sports shoes step up flashing, that is also LED lights with, can not think of it? Of course, five-star hotels and shopping malls to play the back of the place, there are some cosmetics counters, tobacco counters, mobile phone counters, posted on the back of the glass are lighting LED lights. Most of your unexpected is the outline of some high-rise buildings Many people like to use waterproof low-voltage lights to install Oh. There is the hotel and KTV room inside, under the eaves there is a glass inside the light, which is inside the LED lights. As for the use of high pressure or low pressure? Both can be used, but the cost of the low pressure light belt is slightly higher.

High pressure light belt due to the installation is simple and convenient, the most common place is the family living room dark groove. Park, the hotel before those wrapped around the tree luminous body, there are many shops in order to attract the attention of consumers, directly in the shop around the circle around a lot of LED lights with.

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