The type of the led profile

- Jul 14, 2017-

Led aluminum meaning English name,led aluminum profile is a kind of aluminum as the main component of the alloy material, aluminum rods by hot melt, squeeze to get different cross-shaped aluminum material, but the proportion of different alloys, the production of industrial aluminum The mechanical properties and application areas are also different. Implementation of the standard by GB / T5237.1-2004. Application areas In general, industrial aluminum is in addition to building doors and windows, curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration and architectural structure with aluminum than all the aluminum.

Industrial led profile grades included:

1050 Extruded coils for food, chemical and brewing industries, various hoses, smoke pollen

1060 requirements of high corrosion resistance and formability of the occasion, but the strength is not high, chemical equipment is its typical use

1100 for processing need to have good formability and high corrosion resistance but does not require high strength parts parts, such as chemical products, food industry and storage containers, sheet metal processing, deep drawing or spinning concave vessels, Welding parts, heat exchangers, printing plates, nameplates, reflective appliances

1145 Packaging and adiabatic aluminum foil, heat exchangers

1199 electrolytic capacitor foil, optical reflective deposition film

1350 wire, conductive strand, bus, transformer strip

2011 screws and machined products with good cutting performance

2014 for applications where high strength and hardness (including high temperatures) are required. Aircraft Heavy Duty, Forgings, Thick and Extruded Materials, Wheels and Structural Components, Multistage Rocket First Stage Fuel Tank and Spacecraft Parts, Truck Frame and Suspension System Parts

2017 is the first to obtain industrial applications 2XXX alloy, the scope of application is narrow, mainly for rivets, general mechanical parts, structural and transport structure, propeller and accessories

2024 aircraft structure, rivets, missile components, truck wheels, propeller components and other structural parts

2036 car body sheet metal parts

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