The Trend of LED Factory Lights

- Mar 10, 2017-

 With the LED lighting technology continues to mature and development, performance and safety standards in both the national level, industry level and local level have been fully understanding, also made a lot of this kind of standard. Overall, security and performance indicators are led factory lights the most sensitive issues in the technology development trend.

At present, led factory lights' replaceability and interface standardization problems have become the public lighting products a wide range of use and promotion of the key.

Even if the life span of the LED factory lights is more than 50000 hours six years, the owner also face replacement problem. For traditional lamps and lanterns, owner just need to replace the light source, lamps and lanterns is the service life of the lamp shell can usually over 20 years. For the trend of integral LED factory lights is that the owner just need to replace the PCB or driver. In addition, if different manufacturer of led factory lights is not interchangeable, owner is use will be affected by manufactuer, based on the development of "interface standardization, modular, intelligent control of the Led factory lights have very important significance in led lighting market.

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