The role and significance of nightscape lighting in city

- Jul 13, 2017-

One, can improve the image of a city block. Excellent commercial street lighting design can increase the vitality of a city, can make the public feel proud, but also to the tourists to draw a beautiful night view. If the light is too dark, the bustling commercial street will make people feel deserted, and thus lose the desire to shop, but also make people feel insecure.

Second, can reduce the streets, especially commercial street traffic accidents. In addition to the expressway and the city road traffic accidents, in the city streets, especially commercial street, railway station entrance, residential road, bus station, because people will appear particularly narrow road, resulting in pedestrians (especially Children and the elderly) often traffic accidents, if the improvement of the city after the road lighting, urban road traffic accidents can be reduced by 23 percent to 57 percent.


Third, due to the improvement of urban street lighting, greatly improving the pedestrian and driver of the long-range visibility, is conducive to guard against potential dangers, good urban street lighting greatly enhance the residents, road workers, especially pedestrian security.


All in all, a good commercial street night lighting, not only can reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, but also to ensure that the store owner and pedestrians life and property safety, but also can attract more customers to patronize the commercial street, to establish a commercial street and even a city The image has a very important role.


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